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Frontiers in Management Research

Research on Motivation of Participating in Science and Technology Tourism

Download PDF (295.2 KB) PP. 61 - 70 Pub. Date: April 26, 2019

DOI: 10.22606/fmr.2019.32002


  • Yuwei Liu*
    Tourism Management, School of Management, Shanghai university, Shanghai, China


After reading some of the literature on motivation and technology tourism, the author briefly expounds and summarizes the characteristics, development status and motivation of science and technology tourism. Through questionnaires and in-depth interviews, this paper studies the attitudes of tourists towards science and technology tourism, the types of science and technology tourism that they like, and the motivation of travelling. These motives indicate a difference between technology travelers and mass tourists. After the data was sorted and analyzed, some individual differences in these motives were found. The results show that there is no difference in subjects' attitudes toward science and technology tourism. The favorite form of tourism is “Natural Science and Ecological Tourism”. This paper aims to provide some constructive opinions on the development and design of current travel agency technology tourism products through these research results.


Science and technology tourism, motivation, individual differences.


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